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HSNewsBeat  |  Updated 4:45 PM, 09.18.2017

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  • The Newsroom site displays news and other journalist resources in the University of Washington's purple and gold palette. UW Medicine

NewsBeat, a publication of UW Medicine and the University of Washington Health Sciences since 2014, is transforming into Newsroom, a comprehensive service for the same organizations.

Newsroom is specifically aimed at journalists who report on health and medicine. The recast site prominently displays our formal news releases and a new blog, PostScript, that gives us a place to share ad-hoc news items and address trending headlines.

We also have incorporated downloadable multimedia into the site, including video interviews with UW Medicine clinicians and scientists discussing research findings and news issues of the day.

Every week, our news video team produces expert Q&A segments and a full story package with b-roll and subject interviews. Videos are available in web and broadcast split-track versions, with scripts for broadcast news outlets. A photo library enables downloads of high-resolution images that journalists can use with stories about research, clinical care and education.

The Newsroom lists our email and main phone number in multiple places across the site to help journalists meet their deadlines.  

On Fridays, Newsroom will generate a newsletter of PostScript blog items and formal news releases.  We invite you to subscribe

Thanks for your interest in HSNewsBeat. We hope you'll follow us on Newsroom and on our renamed Twitter feed, @uwmnewsroom.

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