Public Health student team poised to investigate outbreaks

Epidemiologists in training will get practical experience in disease-tracking

School of Public Health  |  Updated 11:30 AM, 03.14.2016

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  • Former Kitsap County public health officer Scott Lindquist said he would've appreciated the help of a student team in interviewing people during the recent e. coli outbreak at a restaurant chain.
A team of students from the University of Washington School of Public Health will is poised to act when the next disease outbreak hits the Seattle area.

The Student Epidemic Action Leaders (SEAL) team – an acronym inspired by the blubbery Northwest mammal, not the Navy – will be trained in a new course offered this spring by the Department of Epidemiology. While gaining practical skills, students will also be providing service to the community, said instructor Janet Baseman, who came up with the idea.

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