Phone alert spurs off-duty doc to help save Seattle man’s life

UW Medicine physician responds to app triggered by 9-1-1 call for CPR  |  Updated 10:15 AM, 09.26.2016

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  • Douglas Stine, left, embraces Dr. Matt Gittinger, the UW Medicine physician who responded to a phone alert and helped resuscitate Stine. KING5

Matt Gittinger, a UW Medicine physician off-duty from his job at Harborview Medical Center, responded to an alert on his smartphone and helped save a man's life.

Douglas Stine was driving with co-workers when a heart condition caused him to gasp for air and lose. The other workers called 9-1-1, but help arrived before the paramedics.

Gittinger is one of 3,300 people in Seattle who have downloaded Pulse Point, an app that alerts people trained in CPR and directs them to the location where help is needed.

“I was out of my front door within five to 30 seconds and it was about two blocks from where I live,” Gittinger said.

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