Emergency hernia repair for Vip, the zoo gorilla

UW Medicine surgeons again collaborate to help Seattle primate

KOMO News  |  Updated 9:00 AM, 07.17.2017

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  • Vip the gorilla is prepped for hernia-repair and sinus procedures at the Woodland Park Zoo. Dennis Dow/Woodland Park Zoo

Vip, a gorilla at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, is recovering after UW Medicine physicians recently performed two surgeries, to repair a hernia and to inspect his chronically inflamed sinuses. 

Drs. Greg Davis, UW Medicine's director of rhinology and endoscopic skull base surgery; Andrew Wright, who leads the hernia center at Northwest Hospital; and Robert Yates collaborated on the procedures. 

TV stations KING-5 and KOMO-4 reported on the event. 

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