Ebola’s emergence, management: 2 points of view from UW

Point-counterpoint: Specialists from Public Health and Medicine briefly explore whys and hows of the virus

Infectious Disease News  |  Updated 3:45 PM, 04.20.2017

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  • Nathan Napolitano, infection-control operations specialist, surveys a checklist as Michelle Mcintosh, an acute care registered nurse, helps colleague Natalie Hare don gloves during an Ebola simulation training session Nov. 14 at Harborview Medical Center. Clare McLean

Infectious Disease News asked two University of Washington specialists for context about Ebola's rise in 2013-14 and how medicine is working to control the disease.

  • Julie Robinson is a clinical instructor of global health at the University of Washington School of Public Health; she leads Côte d’Ivoire and advocacy programs at Health Alliance International. 
  • Michael Gale is a professor of immunology at the UW School of Medicine, and directs the UW Center for Innate Immunity and Immune Disease.

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