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Overseeing Snohomish Health District is epidemiology prof's other job

By Jeff Hodson  |  School of Public Health  |  Updated 1:00 PM, 01.14.2015

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  • The Stillaguamish River overruns a dam after last March's landslide in Oso. Gary Goldbaum's agency helped to ensure that water was drinkable and mental-health services were available in the aftermath of the disaster. Washington Department of Transportation
Gary Goldbaum was motivated to pursue healthcare as a career when he learned that his father, as a young man, had been hospitalized for more than a year with tuberculosis.

Today Goldbaum, a UW associate professor of epidemiology in the School of Public Health, runs the Snohomish Health District, which serves more than 700,000 residents. He spoke with writer Jeff Hodson.

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