Brain function, autism notable among our top stories for 2016

Neanderthals and Denisovans drew attention, among other topics

By Leila Gray  |  HSNewsBeat  |  Updated 11:00 AM, 12.29.2016

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  • A look back at the past year of news from the UW Health Sciences and UW Medicine ThinkStock

Autism, institutional rankings, the workings of the brain and archaic DNA in modern humans were among the most read topics on Health Sciences NewsBeat in 2016.  Readers in great numbers welcomed the arrival of UW Medicine Chief Health System officer Brian Goldstein, and mourned the loss of radiologist Doug Green to a skiing accident.  Rounding off the list was a new open-source approach to drug discovery

The top 10 NewsBeat stories, by unique page views, for 2016:

  1. Data analysis links autism severity to genetics, ultrasound
  2. Scientists decode brain signals at nearly the speed of perception
  3. UW Medicine radiologist dies in avalanche on Utah ski slope
  4. Deep brain stimulation helps UW professor live with Parkinson’s
  5. UW Medical Center ranked No. 1 hospital in Seattle and state
  6. Human Neanderthal gene variance involved in autism
  7. UW Medicine names chief health system officer
  8. Medicine, Nursing programs earn top national rankings
  9. Ancient Denisovan DNA excavated in modern Pacific Islanders
  10. Malaria, cancer drug prospects emerge in open source testing 
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