Alzheimer’s toll on family spurs fund for brain study

UW Medicine researchers seek signs of early onset, and interventions

KOMO News  |  Updated 9:00 AM, 05.12.2017

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  • Dixie Wilson undergoes a scanning procedure that will help UW Medicine researchers set a baseline of her brain's activity. KOMO News

Dixie Wilson's father and his four siblings died from Alzheimer's. So she helped establish a fund for genetic study at UW Medicine, where researchers are using brain puzzles to establish a baseline, documenting Dixie's healthy brain, to better detect and potentially treat early signs of Alzheimer's.

"It's an opportunity for prevention," said Dr. Thomas Grabowski of the Memory and Brain Wellness Center. "Because if we could slow down the disease by five years out of those 15, the way the math works out, we would cut Alzheimer's dementia in half."

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