Act III: Career skills coalesce for physician-assistant trainee

Former Navy corpsman and county medical examiner writes a new chapter

By Dennis Raymond  |  MEDEX Northwest  |  Updated 10:45 AM, 07.13.2016

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  • In 1988, Al Noriega was a Navy corpsman at Camp Pendlelton, California, here performing medivac simulations with a Marines Corps helicopter squadron. He later served in the intensive care unit at the base's naval hospital. Courtesy of Al Noriega
Al Noriega
Jim Wehmeyer
Al Noriega is training to be a physician assistant.
picture of Al Noriega

As a fresh-faced Navy corpsman, Al Noriega gathered medical histories, gave immunizations and provided general care for U.S. servicemen on multiple continents. Twenty years later, he has embarked on another career, studying to be a physician assistant with the MEDEX Northwest program in the University of Washington's School of Medicine.

Training on the Tacoma campus, Noriega is embarking on his clinical placements and feeling at home amid a high volume of military veterans studying on campus and working at nearby Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

“The cohesion and camaraderie that a lot of military folks share is something that’s indescribable and very important to me,” he said.

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