3 months after kidney swap, 4 patients meet for first time

Would-be organ donors couldn't give to their loved ones, but UW Medicine's kidney-transplant program recognized the matches

Q13 News  |  Updated 6:00 PM, 04.05.2017

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  • Dr. Ramasamy Bakthavatsalam, left, secures Janis Dougan's donor kidney for transport to another operating room at UW Medical Center where Pat Boatsman was prepped to be transplanted. Brian Donohue

The two women, Laurie Boatsman and Janis Dougan, wanted dearly to give kidneys to their loved ones, but they didn't match as donors. Fortunately, their loved ones were UW Medicine patients, and a new program matched the two pairs: In early January, Laurie gave a kidney to Janis' brother, Steve Engholm, and Janis gave a kidney to Laurie's husband, Pat. It was the first paired kidney swap at UW Medical Center.

The two organ donors and two transplant recipients, all recovering well, met yesterday for the first time, 90 days after their surgeries. There were tears and thank-you's from the four and insights from the two doctors most closely involved, Nicolae Leca and Ramasamy Bakthavatsalam

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